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Resources for Animal Protection

Want to learn about the field of animal protection? Check out these resources!

Legal and Professional Reference

Animal Protection Laws of the U.S.
Compendium of animal-related laws from the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Animal Law 101
An overview of animal law in the United States from the Animal Legal Defense Fund, including "hot topics" in animal law, growth of the field in recent years, how attorneys can make it a career or get involved, and more.

Humane Scorecard
Scoring of U.S. federal legislators from the Humane Society Legislative Fund.

Reporting Animal Cruelty
Guidance from the ASPCA on responding to specific incidents of animal cruelty.

The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement
A professional association dedicated to bringing out the best in animal welfare leaders.

Research and Evaluation

Animal Charity Evaluators
Dedicated to identifying and disseminating information about the most effective animal advocacy interventions and charities.

Animal Studies Repository
An open-access collection of academic, archival, and other materials related to various disciplines within the fields of animal studies and animal welfare science curated by Wellbeing International.

Faunalytics (Formerly Research Council) - Public opinion and behavior research studies on a wide variety of animal protection topics.

Research studies on companion animal topics.

NCSU Animal Rights & Welfare Archive
North Carolina State University special collection documenting the social, cultural, legislative, political, and intellectual history of animal welfare and animal rights.

Many more helpful resources and timely research into subjects of interest to funders of animal protection programs are available exclusively for members of Animal Grantmakers in the members-only area of the website.

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