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Thank you for your interest in joining Animal Grantmakers. Please review the following information to determine your eligibility, dues, and value to your organization. Should you have any questions, please email us.


Regular Membership

Regular membership in Animal Grantmakers is open to foundations, other grantmaking organizations, giving programs, and individuals that are engaged in grantmaking that benefits animals, at least in part, and that give $25,000 or more per year on behalf of animal protection (and have done so for at least one full year), and whose giving is purely charitable in purpose or the organization itself is chartered for the sole purpose of animal grantmaking. These can include private foundations, corporate foundations or contributions programs, community foundations and affiliated funds, donor-advised funds with a specific focus on animal protection, public charities* that engage in consistent and significant animal grantmaking, and individual philanthropists. Other types of entities and giving vehicles may also be eligible. Applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors.

*Grantmaking public charities (organizations that receive donations from the public and also award funds to other organizations) must either: a) award at least $1 million or more in grants annually (in any program area), and / or b) dedicate at least 35% of their total expenses to grantmaking annually (in any program area).

Associate Membership

Any organization, giving entity, program, or vehicle, or individual that is not eligible for regular membership, but is interested in supporting the mission of Animal Grantmakers, as well as increasing their impact on behalf of animals, is eligible to become an Associate Member.

Additionally, individuals who advise and facilitate grants from funders to non-profit organizations whose programs help animals and who are not representatives of regular members in Animal Grantmakers are eligible for Associate Membership. Examples include philanthropic advisors, charitable trust managers, foundation asset managers, etc.

The cost for Associate Membership is $500 per year. Members in this category may designate two representatives in Animal Grantmakers and receive one free Annual Conference registration. Additionally, Associate Members are non-voting members of Animal Grantmakers.

Interpretation of these criteria is at the discretion of the Animal Grantmakers Board of Directors. The Board of Directors also reserves the right to review a member’s fulfillment of these criteria at any time. Members may not use their participation in Animal Grantmakers for promotional purposes or for private gain. Animal Grantmakers reserves the right to deny membership or remove a member if an applicant or member’s actions reflect poorly on the field and might harm Animal Grantmakers’ reputation. Lawsuits, federal or state investigations, consumer boycotts, or other significant actions against an applicant, member, or affiliated organization could potentially raise such concern.


Animal Grantmakers strives to make membership increasingly more valuable. Our recently expanded offerings include:

  • Two free registrations per member organization to the Animal Grantmakers Annual Conference, an unparalleled educational and networking event held each fall in a different city rich in animal-protection expertise (associate members receive one free conference registration). Additional registrations may be purchased;
  • Attendance at the Animal Grantmakers Annual Business Meeting, which takes place in conjunction with the Annual Conference, during which the composition of the Board of Directors for the following year, procedural changes, budgets, and other business matters are considered (associate members are non-voting members);
  • The opportunity to network and cooperate with other grantmaking professionals and trustees engaged in animal protection philanthropy throughout the year via our members-only directory, ListServ, and private Facebook and LinkedIn groups;
  • Access to the Animal Grantmakers members-only website, which includes exclusive research, resources and information, as well as a plethora of tools to help inform and maximize the impact of members’ work;
  • Educational webinars throughout the year presented by Animal Grantmakers or co-sponsored with other affinity groups or organizations with common interest areas; and,
  • A subscription to AGuardian, our e-newsletter with news about Animal Grantmakers and its members, upcoming events, helpful new resources, current legislation, and more.


Annual dues for regular members are based on an organization’s level of animal-related philanthropy. All associate members' dues are $500.

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