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Our Work

Animal funders, our grantee partners, and the individuals and communities we seek to support all face ongoing and new challenges and, more important, have new opportunities to capture.

Animal Grantmakers supports their efforts in four ways:

  1. Avenues for Members to Connect, Coordinate, and Collaborate
  2. Information Resources for Members
  3. External Partnerships and Outreach
  4. Additional Tools for Internal and External Communication

Our Activities

Everything we do aims to strengthen our member services, foster diversity, equity, and inclusion, and elevate the human-animal connection.

Annual conference. Check out our 2024 conference here! This year we’re in Toronto from October 27 - 30. Our Annual Conference is in a different city each fall, providing the opportunity for our members and prospective members to meet for several days of briefings and networking. The conference is not open to the general public, creating a setting where grantmakers can share ideas and conversations among peers. Conference presentations provide timely education about emerging issues and trends in animal protection and the broader philanthropic field.

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Webinars. Hosting and co-sponsoring webinars on a wide variety of animal protection and grantmaking topics for year-round education.

Networking. Creating other opportunities for members to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate throughout the year—including our listserv, members-only directory, and private Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

Individualized, tailored member support. Providing one-on-one assistance to new foundations or existing foundations new to animal protection philanthropy, helping them identify areas of programmatic and/or operational focus that will best fulfill their missions and interests.

Animal Philanthropy magazine. Featuring news, animal funder profiles, research, insights, commentary, and more, our magazine on philanthropy knowledge hub Giving Compass – Animal Philanthropy – aims to inspire greater curiosity about the other sentient beings who share our planet, and increased investment in their protection and welfare.

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Newsletter. Publishing an e-newsletter featuring members’ work, upcoming events, helpful resources, animal-related news, important legislation, and more.

Animal Funding Atlas. Working to help funders identify and address unmet needs, avoid duplication of efforts, access meaningful data that can inform their decision-making, and engage in fruitful collaboration. Created by the ASPCA®, Maddie’s Fund®, Summerlee Foundation, and Tigers in America, the Animal Funding Atlas is designed to help increase the impact and reach of animal protection philanthropy through interactive grant maps and field-specific language that captures the full spectrum of animal protection efforts.

Other resources. Maintaining a robust library of compiled third-party research, resources, information, and decision-support tools for members and other grantmakers.

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