Sara Rummel

Engagement Manager
Animal Agriculture Reform Collaborative (AARC)

Sara Rummel leads the Animal Agriculture Reform Collaborative (AARC), a collaboration of 44 organizations from around the country that are all dedicated to a just, sustainable and high-welfare animal agriculture system. AARC is the space where organizational leaders from a wide range of perspectives—including animal welfare advocates, farmers, environmentalists, workers and rural communities—come together to stop the expansion of the factory farm industry, increase transparency in the food system, improve protections and regulations, and accelerate the transition to a high-welfare pasture and plant-based food system. Sara brings 17 years of experience working on systems change on a variety of issues through policy advocacy, campaign development, coalition building and organizing. She has an M.P.A. in environmental science and policy from Columbia University, and a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College.

Session: Winning the Fight for a More Just and Humane Animal Agriculture

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